Monday, November 30, 2009

Dean Edley to the Faculty:

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Subject: UCOP thoughts on budget crisis, etc.
Date: Wed, 25 Nov 2009 16:14:51 -0800
From: Christopher Edley
To: Faculty Announcement List

Colleagues, I found the attached document from UCOP very useful in that it gathers together in summary form the "message points" and key factoids undergirding the Administration's stance.

Although, being a man of the people, I don't identify myself as being part of "The Administration", I believe the document is accurate and compelling. In some respects it could say much more -- detailing, for example, all the efforts long underway in Sacramento or the dramatic downsizing of UCOP that began before the crash, or the excruciating (to me) and lengthy consultation process President Yudof went through all spring and summer with the system Academic Senate and Chancellors, or the decisions by some union leaders to suffer layoffs rather than take furloughs, or . . . . You get my point.

It also doesn't put UC's trouble into full perspective -- with regard both to the cuts California social and human services, and with regard to the parallel challenges in other states.

Of course our advocacy -- by everyone, including student protesters -- can be improved and no doubt will be. Especially in its targeting.

Most if not all of us have a natural inclination to be supportive and sympathetic to student protesters, who are not just community members but the people to whom we are dedicated and of whom, quite remarkably at Boalt, we as faculty are quite fond. But we are also educators, and I believe we should welcome formal and informal opportunities to talk through the issues and solutions. Which, of course, requires that we first be knowledgeable.
Christopher Edley, Jr.
Dean and Orrick Professor of Law
Boalt Hall, U.C. Berkeley

Key points on current issues 11-24-09 (From UCOP)

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