Thursday, January 14, 2010

Legal Support Information for UC Berkeley Students

This email is circulating. The room for the meeting is confirmed to be Boalt 110.

**Important information about legal representation and support for
students facing Office of Student Conduct charges at UC Berkeley from
the 11/18, 11/20, or 12/11 occupations on campus or the demonstration at
the Chancellor's residence on 12/11.**

This email is coming from a group of Boalt Law students that organized
around the UC strikes in Fall 2009. We are continuing to find ways to
support the student struggle and have partnered with a group of Bay Area
attorneys (mostly NLG members) to provide legal support, counsel, and
representation for students facing criminal and academic charges
stemming from participation in the events listed above.

We invite anyone fitting these criteria to join us for a meeting at
Boalt Hall on Tuesday, January 19, 2010 at 7pm. Room TBA. Attorney
client privilege rules require that only students who are facing OSC or
criminal charges from these events can attend. We ask that students not
facing charges not attend so that students can speak freely and

In order to start working with you, we will need a copy of your charge
or letter from Student Conduct indicating that you are under
investigation along with your basic contact information and scheduled
appointment and hearing dates. If you cannot make the meeting, contact
Nathan Shaffer directly (

This meeting is for anyone facing charges. We can discuss a group
strategy, individual strategies, and other ways that we can offer
support. We will not turn people away and can provide varying levels of
support that correlate to the student's need. This message is not an
open or unlimited offer of representation, but if you are interested
please attend the meeting. We are not charging fees.

Specifically, we are prepared to discuss assisting students with:

1) Representation at pre-hearing OSC meetings.
2) Representation in OSC hearings, insofar as the UC allows.
3) Challenging potentially illegal procedures in the UC academic
discipline process in court.

We are prepared to discuss both individual and collective strategies and
coordinating legal strategy with ongoing campaigns. If you are not
interested in a collective strategy, you are welcome to attend and we
can provide individual support. Therefore, it is important to meet or
contact us as soon as possible if you need assistance.

Thank you,

Nathan Shaffer
Berkeley Law, 2011

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