Monday, December 27, 2010

Stand in Solidarity with Peter Howell -- Court Date

Arraignment tomorrow for Peter Howell, a UC Merced student who was arrested at the UCSF Regents' Meeting this past November. The DA has charged Peter for taking Officer Kemper's baton--these are serious felony charges. Of course, we've all seen the videos, which conclusively prove that Kemper dropped his own baton. By filing these groundless charges against Peter, it's evident that the DA is attempting to legitimate Kemper's intolerable actions--drawing his gun, pointing his gun at students for a protracted period of time, and subsequently shoving a person as he walked back to the line of riot cops. We will not tolerate the DA's transparent and base attempt to scapegoat Peter to justify UCPD's violent threats against students and workers.

Peter's arraignment is tomorrow!


Tuesday Dec. 28
9am at the SF courthouse
850 Bryant St. (closest BART is Civic Center)

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